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Types Anti-Glare Films

Standard Anti-Glare Film

Antiglare films remove reflections from clear surfaces, perfect for displays positioned behind them. It’s applied externally to withstand sunlight and weather, enhancing viewing angles and display brightness.

Ultra Clear Anti-Glare Film

Ultra Clear Anti-Glare Films are designed to eliminate glare from clear surfaces like glass and acrylic. It not only removes glare but also improves image brightness and contrast. Compared to other films on the market, it offers more effective glare reduction while maintaining image quality and consistency.

Film Sizes

We cut and change by the liner foot. Our rolls are 60 in width up to 100 feet long


Glare Free Viewing

Easy Installation

Large sizes


Window Displays

Outdoor Kiosks

Common Applications

  • TV behind glass
  • Projection Film Behind Glass
  • Digital Signage
  • Computer Screens


Screen Solutions Anti-Glare Films can be installed as DIY (Do It Yourself) or you can find a local professional window tint installer to install your anti-glare film. 

If you re going to install yourself we do offer application kits and instructional guides to make the process as easy as possible.


Contact us to learn more about what kind of films we offer!

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